Alternate Ending : Dove Body Wash Ad

Here's a realistic commercial with two ladies who exhibit what the world is now calling - real beauty.
Take a moment, watch the ad.

Here's how this would go in the real world.

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Jess Greenberg

She's a singing sensation on YouTube, but we could never really get up to the singing.
Remember the time when TV was called the Boob Tube?

Digestive Pyrotechnics Meaning

There were enough people asking what Digestive Pyrotechnics meant.

Pyrotechnics is the science behind using chemicals to cause fire/flame in a controlled manner.
For the common man, this is fireworks.

Now imagine someone throwing up so hard, that the projectiles from that person resembles fireworks. When you close your eyes in disgust, you can still hear the fireworks from his digestive system.

That, friend, is display of - Digestive Pyrotechnics!

Famous Female Cartoon Characters Of The 90's Made Sexier

Based on the reaction we received for our earlier article:

... we have collected some interesting fan art from the internet that have added sexiness to the popular characters of the 90's. Yes you wankers, we present to you your childhood fantasies handpicked and collated. Enjoy.

The Flintstones:
We suppose Betty and Wilma were probably not the top women on this list but prehistoric, scantily clad woman can always be gifted with the appropriate curves to make them better.



The Jetsons:
Another set of woman no one gave a rats ass about but these artists. Now you have two women created out of two sets of chopsticks. Well done.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
April O'Neal is a favorite of many boys coming into puberty and the time this was being aired (Enough to inspire a porn star to take on that name). Who knew all that needed to be done was to zipper down that jumpsuit a little. (We are not going anywhere near the comparison with Megan Fox on this one)


Now it's easy to move on from this show to the next. But hold your horses. Remember the bespectacled fearful little woman by the name Irma? Just because her clothes were loose, we all assumed otherwise didn't we?

Power Extreme! All the coolness of add-ons getting plugged in to our three heroes was precisely coordinated by this chick sitting up in the main control unit. If not for her, add-ons could get plugged into their balls. Think she was all set, just off with the clothes and done.


Scooby Doo Series:
Now, every growing up boy wanted to see lesser skirt on Daphne, no doubt, but looks like Velma could have had a few tricks up her sleaze too!



No this is not about the serial killing serial killer and his women. This is the earlier geeky boy series, it's amazing that even Dee Dee has not been spared from a make over. We don't know what to say.

Dee Dee

Captain Planet:
Well, everyone's secretly wanted to kill Wheeler for hitting on Linka so much (with a little bit of success we might add). Gi, not so much, but apparently an anime take on Gi could change a few things. Last but not least, Gaia - the spirit of the earth, can no longer contain the voluptuousness plaguing her body. 




Let us not forget that there was one woman who pretty much outdid all the good people in the show. She was bad, we guess that adds value straight away. Dr Blight, great, but keep the lock of hair in place please.


Chip And Dale : Rescue Rangers
Gadget? The little rat girl? Really? Who would have thought? But she's made the list.


The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest:
When the old Johnny Quest was replaced with the Real Adventures, there was a whole new awesome Quest World with 3D! And, there was also the introduction of Jessie Bannon. There is not much of her, but this is a tad bit more oomphed.


Josie And The Pussycats:
What were they thinking when they named them? This was a show for kids? Idea well incepted. The girls were already there with the sexiness, just a little more filling out gets the job done.

SWAT Kats:
The radical squadron! Everyone loved them. Everyone including them loved Miss Briggs or Callie as they lovingly called her. Remember her as Queen Callista? Nuff Said.

Miss Briggs

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop:
Frankly this was an annoying cartoon. A character by the name The Hooded Claw would constantly aim at capturing Penelope and attempting to kill her in some retard dastardly manner. The reason she made the list is obviously the art. Try wanting to kill that Hooded Claw!

Power Puff Girls:
Sugar, spice and everything nice! Psychotically cool cartoon about three super powerful superhero girls. Apparently, the first cut didn't have "everything" nice. This art seems to fix what was missing.

Special Mention!!
He Man:
I have the POWER, he said! What He Man didn't realize is that he also had the booty! She-Ra, Teela and the very Sorceress - all draped in the minimal necessary clothing all the way back in the 70's.




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