Many concerned Indian patriots had taken it to their film makers that India doesn't produce any good Adult Films. Where is our country going? No one seems to care! Every other country is producing good quality stuff and Indians are left with nothing more than look-alikes of Cousin Itt & Jabba The Hutt making out to a camera in bad light. We must show the world that not only are we good at making babies using 62,834 positions (and yet keeping the topic taboo) but we can also make films about them and give it the family movie genre.

Film makers saw the point at once! They decided to take up new projects and have shortlisted the following titles:

- Sore Lay (hardcore)
- Hum Aapke Hai Porn (informative documentary on making adult films, feat. hit single dicktana)
- Sub Kuch Hota Hai (inter-racial, feat. hit single "ladki badi horney hai" )
- R.G.Verma Ki Aag (gay)
- Oh Shanti... Ooh! (amature couple, feat. hit track "bukkake disco")
- Booby (calendar girls)
- Lage Raho Munni-bhabhi (marathon)
- Dildo Paagal Hai (lesbian)
- Dilwale's Dulhaniya Laid (bride fetish)
- Maine Kiya! (first time)
- Ram's Biwi Ganga.. Meri (cheating spouse)
- Saare Zameen Par (group orgy)
- Jab Jab Phool Khile (amature teens)
- Anmol body (calendar girls) 
- Haathi Mera Saathi (beastiality)
- Kabhi Sri-Sri Kabhi Fun (taboo)
- Rand De Basanti (informative documentary on "how to bargain with a pimp")
- Kaho Naa Tyre Hai (fat fetish)
- Kabhi Hole-Without Na Karna (informative documentary on "how to end your celibate life")
- Kal Whore Na Ho (informative documentary on "how to lead a celibate life") 
- Maare Tu Ya Maare Na (bondage)
- No Entry (softcore)

Indians have yet again shown their unity in diversity.

- humble me

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