Shhh! Police will come!

In countries outside india when a cop passes by.. your immediate reaction is usually not laughter.. It’s actually sometimes alertness just to make sure you’re not doing some shit out of place. Ever wonder why in India that’s never the case?

Simple, Indians use only one strategy to control their kids.. “if you misbehave, I’ll hand you over to the police!”.. “if u don’t ______ (eat, sleep, wake up, study, take a bath, have sex, drink milk, dance, sing, blah..) Police with come catch you!”

So in every kid’s head, a cop has the initial image of this warrior from the dark.. bearing the keys to the netherrealm.. Where he will take you once handed over. U will then be made to serve the overlords, polishing and filing their pet rhinoceros’ toe nails for all eternity, while the police-man beats you over and over with his primary weapon, the blades of exile!!

But then, you eventually figure out that a policeman is only really an oversized person in undersized clothes.. As illustrated below..

No weapons other than the force of gravity. Oh look, its Vasco da Gama’s gun right there..

So remember, when expectations are set so high in a kid’s early life, it’s surely going to result in just mere laughter when grown up.

Oh! For those who feel that the lack of respect or fear for cops is actually due to their involvement in corruption, or some other social factor, please feel free to PISS OFF! Go write your own blog or something!

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