Things I have done to snoring train passengers, Thing #16

Are you one of those people who struggle to sleep because the hell-racket emanating from a fellow passenger’s nostrils?

Tired of popping pill after pill just to surpass all the snorting and get some sleep?

 Fear Not!

Try my fully tested and certified technique number #16

Its 3-step easy set up will get you done and sleeping in no time:

What you’ll need: a bed-sheet (A/C compartments anyways give you two)

1) Fold bed-sheet to the size of about 2 feet X 1 foot
2) Locate snorer whose nasal uproar is plaguing your sleep
3) Place the bed-sheet on the snorer’s face. Don’t have to be extra careful as a snoring whore is always in deep sleep.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Now the principle behind this is that the air available is a lot lesser and this causes the breathing to reduce and in turn, the snoring to stop. Sometimes the snorer might get woken up and turn to his side or go into coma due to insufficient oxygen. Either ways, you can get back to sleeping!

Happy Travelling!

- guest from Bangalore, India

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