What happened during the making of Rockstar.

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Lead Actors : Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri

So here is what happened behind the scenes.
The cast and crew were all set and started shooting the movie… it was all going well ..
They shot the scenes in the same order as it was to be in the movie.

Then somewhere near the mid point of the movie, this happened:
Director: ok team, so far so good! just keep going... I need to take a wiz... will be right back.
Team: okay cool, no prob!

So the director went to relieve himself... and in a brilliant effort to aim and pee on a fly in the bathroom, slipped, tripped and broke his fall on the porcelain wash basin.. He lay there for a while... a few months perhaps...

Back at the shooting...

Team: we’ve been going at it with the same dialogues for a while now, what do we do?
Team: doesn’t look like the director’s going to be back, is anyone planning to check on him?
Team: no? ok…
Team: hey look! … we’ve still got a bunch of unused tracks for this movie!!
Team: uhh.. cool! lets just make Ranbir mime the rest of the tracks, he’s become quite a talented mime guitarist by now.. lets give him that Orianthi’s solo piece to mime..
Ranbir: rocking!
Nargis: I’m gonna be sick!
Team: Awesome! alright then, she gets to be sick then... Makeup artists… Get Out!

... and the rest of the movie was completed.

This is information is not very accurate but it’s more or less what you will observe in the movie.

-humble me

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