Tripping... Tumbling...

Every one knows what it is to trip...

Everyone has tripped and tumbled many a times in their lives.

Everyone’s even laughed at someone else tripping and falling... well some people are funny when they trip and fall... you can't help but laugh... they’ve been created in a way to look funny when they fall. So its okay if you also were one of those people who secretly laughed at a fat person tripping on his shoe lace first, then on a banana peel and dived down a flight of stairs and broke his fall on a slab of reinforced titanium. Santa will still give you your present unless he was that fat person.

Typically humans trip a lot... being you know.. bi-ped and all...

Sometimes we can even see 4 legged animals tripping..

If you tried really hard.. you can even imagine a tyrannosaurus rex trip and fall…

But what on earth made this thing trip??

- humble me

(other fun observations include:
 - the biker who's got the expression you would have when a fly sits on you... and not an auto.
 - the dude on the right celebrating the activity with a dance and hand clap)


  1. Check out the "eyes" of the auto driver... with them that far apart I'm not surprised !!

  2. HAHAHA! good spot! I hadn't seen that one.. if you focus hard enough, the auto looks like a giant rolling head!


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