Rap Verses

Have you paid attention to a few of the English verses in Indian music?
There is a lot of entertainment sitting in there, so we should look into it.

Ek Ajnabi - Mama Told Me
Danger danger stranger is danger - watch it!
Ma mama told me don't be talking to stranger
Stranger is danger!
Once upon a time, a kid in school was told two rhyming words.. the words kinda stuck in the head and after many years some one came up to that very kid and asked for a rap verse, the first rhyming pair of words "stranger" and "danger" came out uncontrollably (exactly the way puke comes out through ones nose). Once these two words hit the creative board, there was no stopping the lyricist. He Just threw in some nouns and verbs in hindi and did a "translate to English"... and voila!
Can someone tell this moron that "stranger" is not a person's name?

Vaanam - Evan Di Unna Pethan
Oh Baby I Feel Like Flying
Flying Up Up Up In The Air
When I Look At You, You Look At Me Like
You Wanna Make Love To Me There
Up Up Up? Listen, just because you don't have a three syllable word in your vocabulary, you can't just take a one syllable word and repeat it how many ever times you want to fill up the gap. The line could have might as well been: 
  • Up Up Up Up Up Up Air (you need the air for the rhyme)
You wanna make love to me there - where? There, up up up in the air? How? with who? the son of Krypton?
These are a guy's lines by the way..
If not up up up in the air, then where there? .. in that corner of the recording studio? the Death Star? Isengard? 

Any of the following would have worked, at least the intentions are clear:
  • You Wanna Make Love To A Bear
  • You Wanna Make Love On A Chair
  • You Wanna Make Love To A Hare
  • You Wanna Make Love And Compare
  • You Wanna Make Love In A Day Care 
Or is it make love to a particular part of the body? "You wanna make love to me th... no no .. to the right.. a little below.. ahh.. There!"

Tara Rum Pum - Ab To Forever

Cheeka cheeka, cheeka there's my cheeeka girl,
Ain't no body goin' get now that's my cheeka girl.
Ok, where do we start on this one...
There are real words in English the last I checked. Its about writing 2 lines you know, not 20, not 200000, just TWO!
There are enough words in the dictionary.. you could even randomly select them and make up a more sensible verse (if we can call it that).

How is the above verse different from :
  • Pee-ka Pee-ka, Pee-ka... Pee-ka Pee-ka Boo?

Cheeka girl?? ... we know the cheeky girls.. 

this song doesn't otherwise seem to be about them...

Some fool online was correcting another bunch of morons that the word is not "cheeka" .. and that it was "Jhinga" .. 
Ok.. A Jhinga Girl is a girl from Uganda .. how does that help?

"Goin' get now"? - exactly how retarded are these guys! The guy who came up with this surely won fastest lyrics first competition for 2 year olds.

Race - Race Is On My Mind

Move your body like a snake ma
Move your body like a snake charmer
This one ranks quite high in the idiocy chart because these lines are not even original. They fu*ked up while copying the rap verse (lines).
So although mama refers to chicks nowadays, ma still only refers to mother.
If you are a south Indian father, then you might be found referring to your daughter using "ma". 
eg: "Drink the filter coffee ma". 
In either cases you would not use "Move your body like a snake" before the word "ma", it would just not be .. umm.. socially appropriate.
(The original line for those who don't know was : Move your body like a snake, mama)

"Move your body like a SNAKE CHARMER" ??
This is a snake charmer :

Would you really care how he moves his body when you're instructing a hot 'mama' to do something?

Kismat Konnection - Aai Paapi
If u feeling me, Make some noise
Ladies And Gentlemen Raise Your Voice.
Nan-Nan Na-Na-Na,
Nan-Nan Na-Na-Na,
Nan-Nan Na-Na-Na, Nan-Nan-Naa!

Its not really about the first two lines here.
Here's a worthwhile exercise.
Take the last two lines of Naa's, and put them in any basic sound editing software. Now loop it, loop it may be 3 times (if more than 3, you stand the risk of haemorrhage)
The result that you now have, is what crazy frog would use as his annoying ring tone. Go on, have a hear, hit the play button.

You can use this as a high priority alarm tone in situations where you have to:  
- wake up to catch a flight.
- wake up and leave her house before her husband comes back.
- scare your kids with just 'one' loop to get them to do your dishes or whatever.

- humble me

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