Hardcore Non-Vegetarian

The case with many Indian "hardcore" non-vegetarian.

It's baffling as to why non-vegetarians in India feel so proud to announce that they are in fact, non-vegetarians. Not like you have a daily orgy with 10 playboy bunnies now, is it? 
You like meat, eat it.

Take a regular video gamer for instance. Walk up to the dork and ask him:
"Dude, do you play video games?"
He'll say... "Yeah, I do.. I have an XBox, and you?".

Now walk up to the non-vegetarian, ask him:
"Dude, are you a non-vegetarian or ..?"
He'll say .. "No way.. I'm a hardcore  non-vegetarian man!!"

This is what you can expect from the typical hardcore non-vegetarian.

Then shut the f*ck up!

You there, the guy with the IPhone 4S, claiming to be a hardcore gamer.
You're a similar bitch in a different package.

- humble me

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