Traffic Exam In India

When there is a traffic police (instead of a signal) directing the flow of traffic, you must :
a) Drive past him
b) Drive over him
c) Get down and swing a baseball bat at him for screwing up the traffic 
d) Tie him to the signal post and turn the signal back on

What does the no entry sign mean?
a) Get off your bike and start pushing it till the coast is clear
b) Keep driving the car slowly making sure there is no cop.
c) Keep some 100 bucks in your wallet and move the rest out.
d) Its just colorful decoration

What is the first thing you should do when your vehicle breaks down and can not move?
a) Scream f*ck multiple times back to back 
b) You're pissed off so leave it right there and go for tea, make sure you lock the doors
c) Get down at once, pop the bonnet and stare at the engine hoping telekinesis will kick in.
d) Kick the car

The left rear view mirror is :
a) to be kept at home / not purchased
b) kept closed
c) to be used to hit annoying pedestrians
d) positioned so that the passenger can fix her lipstick

Overtaking from the left :
a) is your birth right
b) is done so that you have a chance to hit a few pedestrians
c) is so that you can get on to the platform
d) is done when the vehicle in front is not small enough to drive over

When should you flash your headlights?
a) if you da man!
b) when you are honking
c) if you are a taxi driver
d) all the fu*king time

When should you dip your headlights?
a) f*ck off!

When are u allowed to drive over people sleeping on the side of the road?
a) If you were watching an intense scene on the in-car entertainment while driving
b) If you want a real life experience of GTA
c) If you are Salman Khan
d) If you are meditating while driving

When a cyclist turns his head to look behind, most likely :
a) he's going to die
b) going to scratch his butt
c) he's going to die
d) he's going to fart loudly

What is the gap a motorist should keep when passing pedestrians facing away from the traffic and are walking on roads without pavement or pedestrian footpath?
a) 1 micron
b) motorist should stick his leg out to kick any pedestrian thereby creating the distance
c) pedestrians are meant to be hit with side mirrors
d) close enough so they can hear you swear at them

When riding with pillion, the pillion rider should hold :  
a) the driver's helmet
b) a baby
c) two babies
d) driver's hair

What is a lane?
a) A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction
b) Weak and ineffectual
c) Local Area NEtwork
d) One who doesn't eat garlic and onion

When you hear an ambulance siren, what should you do?
a) increase the volume of the audio in your car to drown the annoying siren
b) throw a brick at the siren to reduce noise pollution
c) get right behind the ambulance so that your path will get cleared
d) strategically get in front of the ambulance so your path will be clear

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