The truth behind RA.One - the video game.

Remember how the game play in the movie was described?
Key features:
- 3 levels
- 2 characters
- 1 bullet
If you thought that game description was a bucket of barf, wait till you get a load of the real deal.

RA.One for the PlayStation:
For those who thought that someone was merely cracking a joke about a game called RA.One on the PlayStation.. wake up and smell the curd-noodles.

The true intention of making this game is clear and simple.
This is an Indian game. What do Indian families want?
They want to make sure that their kids DON'T play video games and just go back to their studies.

This game can bring that magic in to the Indian households. Just simply make sure this is the first game your kid plays and presto! This will be the last one your kid will ever touch.

The bigger plan for this game is to eradicate the very gaming industry from the face of the planet.
How you ask? By Simply sending copies of this game back in time to the early 90s with a note saying : "Best Regards from 2011".
The ones who receive this back in the day would loose faith in the gaming industry by just looking at the cover. The ones that choose to play the game will loose their virginity.

Of course the whole sending back in time thing didn't work out too well because this movie's science doesn't apply to the real world.

Though in the end the game was just marketed as a regular PlayStation game, we should not forget what the game cover initially looked like.

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