Unlikely Comic Costume In Films

Have you wondered about the various considerations taken into account when choosing to make a movie out of a comic book? We're not talking about the story, dialogues, screenplay etc. 
A more basic consideration - the costume.

Screw the male characters, there is hardly any fun there, unless you fancy Robin running around in his stalkings. The female characters require far more care to make sure the movie stays main stream and doesn't become a porno flick.

Lets look at a few such female characters from popular comics. Some of them have already graced their presence on the silver screen, others are awaited.

Scarlet Witch

This is Magneto's (of the X-Men fame) kid. She can control probability with some bubbles.
This chick's costume in a movie will leave the audience wondering - what is the probability that those missing straps are going to cause a downfall?

Black Cat

This chick features in the Amazing Spiderman series. Her power, as such, is that she can bring 'bad luck' to the dudes who have a run-in with her (with that dress really?).

If this costume ever hit the movies, we wish the audience breast of luck!

Ms. Marvel and Psylocke


The Marvel chick is associated with the X-Men and the Avengers.
Her powers include superhuman strength, flight, physical durability and importantly, control over gravity (clearly!).
Psylocke is also associated with the X-Men, has powers like telepathy and telekinesis.
Their costumes will leave the audience waiting for them to pull out handcuffs and a whip at some point in time.

Psylocke has already appeared in film - X-Men : The Last Stand
<-- This is how she looked

Now you know why you don't remember this character in the movie ... no handcuff expectations.


Elektra is connected to the Daredevil series, she's like his chick.
Apparently a ninja and knows how to work the Sai. Good for her.
This costume is all about when it’s gonna get out of the way.
The costume will remove any intent to care about the story line or the dialogues.

Remember that horrible movie Daredevil featuring Ben Affleck? Course you don't, you've worked real hard to forget about it, so let’s not go there.
Jennifer Garner played Elektra got stabbed and then got another spin-off for herself.
She was given this modest costume --------------------------->

The audience didn't care for the story line and dialogues anyway, for other reasons but.

Emma Frost

This chick is from the X-Men series. She has telepathic powers and also can take a diamond form.
Lot of girls can get into this costume. But the point is - no matter who gets into it, a lot of that person will still be outside the costume. Also, what on earth is holding that top in place? Oh right, diamond form.

Emma Frost has already had her movie
debut in X-Men First Class.
She looked as below(right):
Satisfyingly small amount of clothes but everything is still held together by clasps and not sheer will-power.

Lady Mastermind

This chick is associated with the X-Men. She has the ability to throw illusions at anyone she chooses. So clearly this costume's top not flapping around is the primary illusion.

She was there in the movie X-2 : Xmen United, looked like this:

Actually that is Jason - Mastermind, not Lady Mastermind, scratch that.


She is a super powered tiger-woman from the Marvel Universe.
Her powers are .. does it really matter? Just walk on all four looking like that and the movie should do well.

Red Sonja

This chick is from the Conan series. Apparently she was a normal girl who was raped and then blessed by some Goddess woman with strengths and agility. The goddess however never blessed her with clothes, 100 points to the goddess.

Sonja has had a bunch of movie/series productions already:

Red Sonja (Movie),  played by Brigitte Nielsen :
That's way too much clothing, Arnold wears lesser stuff in this movie!

Red Sonja (TV series) played by Angelica Bridges
Now this is more like it, who said Baywatch was the only way for kids to learn about female anatomy?

Red Sonja (another Movie)
Rose McGowan from Planet Terror was going to play the new Red Sonja but they scrapped it coz she busted her arm. Instead they gave her the role of Marique in the movie Conan the Barbarian (2011):

What the heck were the producers thinking right??

Shadow Lass

She's from the DC Universe, has the ability to cast darkness where ever she likes.She seems to like her womanly parts quite a bit... shucks!

Power Girl

Power Girl is the parallel universe counterpart of Supergirl.

Power Girl exhibits all of the classic Kryptonian powers like super strength; flight; tits; invulnerability; breasts; x-ray, telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; and super-heaving. 

The word "rack" comes from Power Girl coz you can pretty much arrange books on those!
The movie counterpart better be "blessed" enough to get into this peek-a-boo costume.


She belongs to the DC Universe and is associated with the teen titans. 

She absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy for flight and other fun things. 

The interesting power, however, is that she picks up languages through physical contact with another person and usually for a guy, its through a kiss! So all you foreign language speakers .. form a line!

Who says suspender belts were a bad design, its only a matter of what is being suspended.


She is part of a standalone comic series. She is a typical vampire with all the typical vampire powers.
Her victims never really show any signs of struggle .. we wonder why.
Talisa Soto, who played Princess Kitana in Mortal Kombat, played Vampirella.

Not too bad.
But now the question is, if she could look like that in Vampirella, why did Talisa as Princess Kitana look like this:


instead of this ------------>

Cassie Hack

This chick is from a standalone comic series. 
She has no powers but trained in martial arts and loves to swing a baseball bat.

She was ill-treated through her early life in school and finally got down to a tiny skirt and a bikini top to beat people with a stick. 

Those strings must be made of incredibly tough fibre, else movie audience will be in for a treat.

Lady Death

She belongs to a standalone comic series. When we say standalone, we're talking absolutely alone, no clothes included. She is a Goddess. 
Hmm… if death is this fine, what's all this fuss about life then?

Aspen Matthews

This chick belongs to the comic series Fathom. She's not being discussed for her superhero costume. 

She likes water, she likes the beach, she can manipulate water, is always running around in skimpy bikinis…

It would be interesting to watch the lead female in a wet bikini
throughout the movie and yet trying to say lines and get people to listen to them.

Shanna - She Devil

She's from the Marvel Universe. She's like Ross' Science Boy. Her power is a superhuman thirst for veterinarian knowledge. 
She is a veterinarian!! 
Okay fine she is good with a spear and other assorted jungle weapons, but she is a Vet! It's time to get a chihuahua and get it sick.

Can you image the lines in the movie?
"My puppies are not doing well, but yours are faaaine!"

Sheena - queen of the jungle

She's part of a standalone comic series. She's a jungle queen, rides animals, wears rags, howls, is every man's dream and did we mention she wears rags and howls? 

Irish McCalla first played Sheena in 1955, good to know that this is not where the costume stopped evolving.

Tanya Roberts then played Sheena in the movie in 1982. Justice done to the costume (or the lack of it). Many of the doctors today were inspired to take up Biology after watching the movie while hoping that the Physics of the costume would give them a better sight of things life has to offer… and it did.

Gena Lee Nolin, of the Baywatch fame, then played Sheena in the TV series. This was a step back we'd say, she wore less clothes as a life guard damnit!


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