Understanding Indian Wedding Categories

For anyone who is confused about what the whole thing about arranged marriage and love marriage is, wait till you hear about the love cum arranged marriage.

So don't fret it, we at Digestive Pyrotechnics are here to explain it.
Just follow the simple flow chart and get to the appropriate category of the marriage.

Spider-Man : India

Everyone knows there is Spider-Man, he who is Peter Parker.
But not every one knows that there is another Spider-Man, he who is Pavitr Prabhakar!
Ladies and gentlemen, we shit you not! This is Spider-Man India. A series re-created in an Indian setting.

Pavitr Prabhakar, a village bum in this series, moves to the city of Mumbai to get his schooling done. His village bum parents are dead so he moves to the city with his uncle and auntie.

The problem in India is that every one who is not your mother and is of your mother's age (or not), is referred to as auntie / aunty; the same goes for the men folk. Therefore we can't say if Pavitr is actually related to his uncle and auntie.

Anyways, moving on .. Pavitr, a small geeky kid, then enrols in a school in Mumbai and gets bullied like shit by everybody (coz like we all know - most Indian kids are actually thug-huge sports players and are rarely geeky science students heading to become an engineer or a doctor)

Let's have a quick word with Pavitr.

The female character here is a Meera Jain, the heroine.
She's a hot kamasutra version of Mary Jane. Tank-top, navel, jeans, bindi, yay!
This is exactly how all Indian's dress to school apparently.
She's the only one who befriends Pavitr, coz you know, he reeks of onion and garlic.
Take a look!

Enter villain!

Nalin Oberoi, a rich powerful overlord! The man who will become the super villain - Green Goblin.
He has a son like Norman Osborn has a son Harry Osborn. This one is called Hari Oberoi. His relevance to the story is equal to the relevance of another popular Bollywood Oberoi in Aishwariya Rai's life.

Here are few words from the big man Nalin himself.

Pavitr Prabhakar eventually becomes the Indian superhero and fights the good fight.
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Spider-Man : India!

The series ran for FOUR FULL ISSUES (4 books), after which, they closed it down.
Shocking innit ?!

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