Sesame, Idiots!

Where should we start on this one...

We all know about Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. 
So what does Ali Baba say in front of that magical cave to get it to open?

A jackass (most people) would say : OPEN SESAME!

Have you wondered why is it that when Ali asks a plant to open up, a giant rock wall opens instead?

Well it's not SESAME, its SEZ ME
OPEN SEZ ME (Open, I say).

Further more, looks like Sesame Street folks may have done the exact same Jackassness, unless they too were in love with the plant and wanted to make a show in honour of it.

In India, Ali Baba's word became Sim-Sim in the North and See-Same in the South.
Do not ask why, we at DP are still looking for the person who came up with these words.
We will update our readers when we get a hold of any one from that family line.

In India, Sesame Street set up a Hindi version of their show.
Guess what they called it?
Gali Gali, Sim Sim (Gali meaning Street)

Talk about compounding a mistake and sending it across the world!

PS: We still love Elmo and are not planning on taking him out... calm down.

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