Understanding South Indians Speaking English

Southies (Indians) have a way of adding "aaa" at the end of many sentences.
you want-aaa?

Northies find this extremely funny, and some get the urge to kill because the "aaa" has a sing-song nature to it.

Here is a little linguistic knowledge DP would like to bestow upon our readers.

So the South Indians that add the sing-song "aaa" at the and of words are mostly Tamilians.

Dear readers from Delhi and further north.
This might come to you as a rude surprise but all of the south of India is not Madras any more.
Really we kid you not. ("You didn't knew?")

It used to be, but then the government decided to split it up into a bunch of smaller states so they could fight with each other.

So yeah, Tamilans are people from the state of Tamil Nadu. It's capital was Madras - which used to be all of South India.

Right, getting back...

"aaa" in Tamil apparently is used when you ask a question.

In English, if we have a declarative sentence : 
This is a apple.
Its interrogative form would be:
Is this an apple?
Hindi works in a similar manner, using the word "kya" at the start.

In Tamil, however, you would simply add "-aaa" to the noun to make it a question.
The above would mean - Is it apple?

So, "going-aa?" means "are you going?"
you "want-aa?" means "do you want?"

This should help the North understand the South a little more now.
(More than help understand, it would help them mock the said Southies better)

If you mock saying something like:
Whats up-aa?
Then you are going sound like that idiot Shah Rukh Khan trying to do Quick Gun Murugan in that movie.
Do you want to look like a retard? Guess not.

Do it right! Good Luck.

Indian Word : Means

This is an Indian English User's Guide for the usage of the word - means

How this word is pronounced - mins

Usages of this word could be as follows:

1) Used instead of the word - meaning

I will paint the wall. Means, I will get the paint and paint the wall by the evening.
This sentence translates to :
I will paint the wall. Meaning, I will get the paint and paint the wall by the evening.

2) Used instead of the phrase - What do you mean by that

Ram: It's not you, its me.
Shyam : Means?
This conversation translates to :
Ram: It's not you, its me.
Shyam : What do you mean by that?
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