Rotten Tomatoes Indeed : Dhoom 3

Oh my, one must wonder how this must have happened! Who says money can't buy you friends?

We present to you the critics who are the reasons behind this anomaly.

How To Make An Advertisement With Katrina Kaif

We are about to disclose an industry secret here.
How you can make your own ad with Katrina Kaif!

ingredients : 1 or more Katrina Kaif, any product you choose to advertise, 1 prop.


1) Select any product to advertise.

2) Select any prop of your choice.

3) Give either the prop or the product or both to Katrina

4) Ask Katrina to make out with the prop or the product or both.

5) Shoot video, add logo and you are done!

Congratulations! you are now the creator of yet another successful ad starring Katrina.

Please see below ads for reference:


Katrina : Wardrobe Malfunction?

We came across a post stating that Kartina Kaif has had a wardrobe malfunction.

It's not a wardrobe malfunction you twits

That is the function of the wardrobe! A flowy skirt.. well flows!

Other interesting facts about Krrish 3

Interview with the characters of Krrish 3

Hi there!. We're back with the characters of Krish 3. Hmm.. or was is Krrish 3..
Hmmm .. when did Krissh 2 even come out? 
Or was is Krish 2? 
Damn! With so many variables in the nomenclature of this movie, you can’t even Google for this! Anyways..

(Other Krrish 3 facts at - Other interesting facts about Krrish 3)

Star Wars Kid

So we all love Star Wars. Okay, not all of us. Okay fine! Only the Nerds and Geeks love Star Wars.

Here's one particular fellow who seems to love being in the shoes of a Jedi with a stick that umm.. doesn't glow. 

Physicists, thank you all for letting us know that momentum is proportionate to mass and not just velocity.

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