Interview with the cast of 'Alex Pandian'

One of our South Indian pals at Digestive Pyrotechnics has given valuable inputs on a Tamil movie by the name Alex Pandian.
Here's an interview with the stars.

The movie starts off with humour. Endless humour based on a brother protecting his three sluttish sisters from the hero's testosterone.

And it's these three who take up most of the first part of the movie.
They are the innocent sisters of the lead comedian.

You probably get a sense of how desperately the director has been avoiding the main story line.

There you have it, an amazing chemistry can be expected between the hero and the heroine. 

Sigh ... realizing the weak spot in their super power, Made in India man and the now fatter villain from Sivaji decide to fist fight the hero to death. They roll over and die. The hero could have just outsourced this to a few hobbits and chilled with a beer watching the heroine take her regular baths.

Moving on to a chief character of this film.

So that's that .. So far we've seen that all the characters in this movie so far share a single brain cell. This would make it real easy for the hero yes? Let's see what he had to say.

We're sure this would soon be re-made in Bollywood with Akshay Kumar or the likes and would become a runaway hit. Apparently no one deserves to be happy after all.

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