Katrina : Wardrobe Malfunction?

We came across a post stating that Kartina Kaif has had a wardrobe malfunction.

It's not a wardrobe malfunction you twits

That is the function of the wardrobe! A flowy skirt.. well flows!

Other interesting facts about Krrish 3

Interview with the characters of Krrish 3

Hi there!. We're back with the characters of Krish 3. Hmm.. or was is Krrish 3..
Hmmm .. when did Krissh 2 even come out? 
Or was is Krish 2? 
Damn! With so many variables in the nomenclature of this movie, you can’t even Google for this! Anyways..

(Other Krrish 3 facts at - Other interesting facts about Krrish 3)

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