Moviegoers Who You Would Like Killed

When was the last time you went to the movies, saw the movie, and got back without wanting to kill at least a dozen people?

We can't help you with your situation of blood thirst (other than giving you a look at Katrina's wardrobe malfunction), but we can organize the people you would like killed in to groups.

Category 1 : The Discussors
The ones who must get things clarified instantly, even things not yet revealed in the plot.

Category 2 : Manly Men
The ones who can never keep quiet in a horror movie.

Category 3 : Early To The Next Show
The ones who can never make it on time, yet book seats in the dead center of the isle.

Category 4 : Up Up And Away
The ones who must leave the hall instantly after the movie ends, even if it means standing up and going no where.

Category 5 : Bright Here Bright Now
The ones who must create a mind map of every actor in the current movie to every other movie that has been made.

Category 6 : The Vibrator
The ones who must shake like their sanity depended on it.

Category 7 : You're Kidding Me
The ones who love bringing their kids to movies that their kids won't start comprehending for another 12 years.

Category 8 : Food Service
The ones who feel that going to a movie and going to a restaurant is but the same thing.

Category 9 : The Gangs Of Doom
The ones who insist that more is merry and can never come to a movie without their 19 friends.


  1. Replies
    1. We're glad you think that way. But what really would be epic is if these epic categories were killed.

  2. Ahh! the kids! how do they even allow kids into adult movies????????

  3. OMG, YES, these people are all annoying as sh!t.

  4. Oh yeah.. There are so many categories that we are going to have to do a follow up post for this one.


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