How To Go Shopping At Reliance, D-Mart, Auchan And The Likes

Isn't it amazing that there are queues at these places for ladies to go get their handbags' zippers sealed?
Such a warm welcome our Indian Supermarkets give their customers.
Apparently, most Indian customers are also guilt-ridden enough to go stand in said queues without asking "why?"... only to later realize that their mobile phone's ringing from inside their sealed bag.

What would they think of next? 
Perhaps hand-cuff customers' hands behind their backs and send them in to shop, get them to push their trolleys with their mouths. They can perhaps get everyone to play twister while they're at it.

We're sure there is someone seated at the CC TV in each of these places having a great laugh. How about a little payback?

Ekta Kapoor : Destroyer Of Indian Television

Ad Look : has always had one Shalini who has been refusing to get married and get off the site.
Either that or Shalini has been so successful using that she comes back for more!

Meet Shalini:

Neither actually.
Shalini, apart from being an Architect from Bangalore, is also secretly the actress Piaa Bajpai, not from Bangalore.


We wonder what her ad contract was like.
"I herewith sign and state that can use my photo till Justin Bieber decides to fling himself off his window".

Poor girl.

Ad Look : Kellogg's Special K With Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, who looks like this ...


... has been picked up to demonstrate how eating Kellogg's Special K makes you look like this:


Umm ... we're not sure but we think the messaging is:
"Eat Kellogg's Special K. If you already have ripped abs, you will continue to have them in 2 weeks"

Woah!! That's not the message? No way!!
You actually loose weight?
Okay, then re-make ad with Sonakshi sometime, will ya?

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