Ad Look : has always had one Shalini who has been refusing to get married and get off the site.
Either that or Shalini has been so successful using that she comes back for more!

Meet Shalini:

Neither actually.
Shalini, apart from being an Architect from Bangalore, is also secretly the actress Piaa Bajpai, not from Bangalore.


We wonder what her ad contract was like.
"I herewith sign and state that can use my photo till Justin Bieber decides to fling himself off his window".

Poor girl.


  1. yes is doing a wonderful job
    infact shaadi has created a amatrimonial market
    there are many other sites that has also contributed a lot in this market


    1. Ah.. Our search for the said idiot is complete. So tell us dear anonymous, why such brainless advertisement drive?


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