Edge Of Tomorrow : Plot-Hole Explained

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Redirecting .... Please wait... We will not get into the aspects of movie making or storytelling. In our books, that part was well done. It was not hard to understand the concept of the time reset or the construct of the creatures. 

The Basics

The basic concept is that the Omega is the main alien unit with multiple Alphas. The death of an Alpha causes the Omega to revert time back and anticipate the course of events. This way the alien life form never loses a battle. Poor humans don’t know this and they run into their imminent deaths.

The blood of the Alpha on Cage, gives him the power of reset too. So now every time he dies he resets back to the start of the previous day. Rita notices that Cage sees the future; she too had that power once so she asks Cage to go meet her when his day resets. The rest of the movie, the two of them plot on various strategies to get to the location of the omega which comes to Cage as a dream vision. 

Little do they know that the Omega simply has identified a human (Cage) with the ability to reset and buy giving the vision of a fake location to itself, the Omega can plan a trap for Cage to drain his blood which will remove his powers to reset time. This has already happened to Rita in the past and that is how she loses her power to reset. Cage escapes the trap by drowning himself and resets to the previous day.

Rita and Cage now choose an alternate strategy to find the real location of the Omega using a device. There is not much explanation to this device but helps locate the Omega based on the Alpha’s blood in Cage. 

Cutting it short to the end, Cage and Rita with the help of the squadron land up in Paris and plan an attack on the Omega. With their last breath, they succeed to kill the Omega. Cage is dying by bleeding out. But the Omega’s blood enters him and he now resets the time back by a day. This event of absorbing the alien blood happens at a time earlier than the previous time. Therefore the reset of time happens to an earlier point (on the chopper) instead of his usual reset point on the airfield. 

Hole in the plot

The death of the Omega is an event that is created by Cage. Since the Omega itself died, it could not reset time to prevent its own death. Cage can now be assumed to be the Omega (with no Alphas). So he can continue to have memories of the event of the Omega’s death – yet to occur. As far as the rest of the world goes, they should have only been shocked that the aliens are all dead, but shouldn’t know about an explosion in Paris. The explosion in Paris is yet to happen as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The news however reports of an explosion. This part makes little sense. 

A suitable ending would have been – the aliens are dead, but no one knows how and remains a mystery to the world (because the event has not yet happened, but the consequence is felt). Only Cage knows what happened thanks to the Omega’s blood in him.

Here's the explanation to one of the most messed up time travel movies made to date - Predestination:

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  1. "The explosion in Paris is yet to happen as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The news however reports of an explosion. This part makes little sense."
    It does make sense. Cage is the new Omega. When he wakes up in the helico after his own death as the new Omega, the explosion happens immediately in Paris as there cannot be the same Omega (Cage) in two places and two times. Then he watches TV and learns the Omega exploded few minutes ago. It was the same with the first Alpha which never reappeared back on the beach.

  2. Cage triggers the explosion man. If Cage is on a helicopter, how did he trigger an explosion?

  3. So the human race will all way be stuck in a loop, unless Cage some how lose the ability to reset?

    1. Actually they won't, cage is the omega. There are no more alphas. The death of an alpha causes a reset. Since there are no more alphas there will be no more resets.

  4. Actually, my boys say that as the new omega, not only has Cage moved back in time, but he is technically "in charge" of the mimic army. Of course, humans are not built biologically the same way as the omega and probably can't signal controls to send or receive from mimics. The mimic army is therefore without command/control and will be more easily defeated by the humans. The war is won.

    1. Ah, that makes more sense than the mimics all just dropping dead. Wish they had explained it a little more though.
      Just read - All you need is KILL.
      The movie is a toned down version. The book has Rita and Keiji (Cage) going up against each other in a brutal beat down.

  5. This actually does not make sense since Cage dies multiple times on the day that they kill the Omega (rolling under a truck, training, etc.).

  6. Um, the Omega's death was pre-dawn.

    London is further west and dawn would break later in time than over Paris.

    Major Cage re-set to an earlier point than before, as was analyzed above. The energy spike was even earlier and was caused by the "time-quake" (no apologies to that Cheryl Ladd-directed or produced film with Chris Kristofferson in it) of the Omega's death the following morning messing up and changing all of the prior resets (from Cage's and the Omega's relativistic frame).

    The point that Major Cage returned to was while still en route, asleep. The blow-up after midnight that night paradoxically never happens, but the Omega remains dead.

    Maybe the time reset just sent a dead Omega and a live Cage back. 'Splain that if you can...

    1. Reset's basically do only send the alpha back. In this case the Omega dies. Cage gets the omega blood and becomes the omega and is sent back. Cage is the new omega.

  7. Recall that Cage told Rita at Heathrow airport that they had 3 hrs to kill the Omega before the battle begins (Sgt Farell stated he would be combat ready at 0600). They recruit J squad and head to Paris. Cage kills the Omega using a grenade belt: this kills the Alpha's and a second "energy explosion" kills the mimics; you realize this when General Brigham speaks at the news conference later that morning. The KILL happened right before sunrise; you can see it also when the camera is panning outside the Louvre after the second explosion.

    Cage then absorbs the Omega's blood; he becomes the Omega and resets time due to Alpha's dying. He wakes at an earlier time (in the helicopter) since he still hadn't and now won't meet the General. It appears you revert to a time when you are awakening.

    In the helicopter you can hear the bells tolling; the passing by Big Ben shows a little after 7AM. The news conference began at 8:57 AM (almost two hours had passed). Based on the General's statement, it appears that the energy surge was detected and investigated before the news conference was held. What Cage did in those two hours is unclear, but when the news conference started it appears he is in UDF Headquarters at Whitehall. The General clearly states that after the energy surge there was a total collapse of the enemy's capacity to fight, that the Russian and Chinese troops were moving across Europe without resistance, and adds that they will advance on the Western Front tomorrow marching to claim victory; therefore, no one but the enemy is dead.

    Cage makes his way to the training area where Rita is at and is happy to see she is alive and in her old insolent mood. He has a lot to tell her!


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